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sharabori Said,
January 8th, 2009 @5:30 am  

"The perimenopausal time has a way of bringing things to the surface that have not been dealt with to that point," …. is so true! I am 50 years old and is in peri menopause stage (still have regular periods) but the anxiety levels and panic attacks are high now than ever before. and the most interesting and stressful symptom is that i am being visited by all those fears and anxieties that i did not deal with in my earlier days, like fear of being alone, death, destruction, aging, etc. these are coming (back?) like demons and i have to use all my rational and emotional strengths to stay above board and feel positive. I exercise regularly, take my vitamines and minerals and try to stick to a balanced and healthy diet. i have a loving and understanding partner. And with all these support systems, i still feel at times that i am possessed by those thoughts. i cant wait to get through menopause and become a "dignified, happy and proud old woman" :-)


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